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EB-5 Regional Centers are Back! What's Next for Investors?

Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Time: 17:30pm, Eastern Standard Time.

Location: 208 Delancey, Lower East Side Manhattan

Last week we welcomed guests to our new Lower East Side development, 208 Delancey, to discuss opportunities for investment. Specifically addressing students who are focused on finding viable post-graduate options, @Emily Zhu and @Peter Zhang unpacked the H1B and EB5 programs highlighting the major players coming together to bring potential green-card options to prospective US residents.

EB-5 Investors Receive Work Permits (EAD) in ~5 Months with Concurrent Filing

In April 2022, pursuant to the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act, many EB5AN EB-5 investors applied to USCIS for work permits (EAD). As of August 2022, 7 families have already received approvals.

Based on this data, we can conclude that the current USCIS processing time for EB-5 investors to receive a work permit (EAD) is ~5 months - significantly shorter than the previously anticipated 12+ months.

This is great news for foreign nationals living in the United States on H-1B, E-2, and F-1 visas who may now file an EB-5 application and concurrently apply for a work permit and adjustment of status.


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